Tri Peaks 4th of July

Celebrate this 4th of July with an amazing spin on the classic solitaire game of Tri Peaks solitaire featuring over 35 incredible 4th of July themed levels, Game Center integration and graphics/sounds optimized for both the iPad and Retina displays.


  • Over 35 unique and classic levels
  • Fantastically fluid gameplay that is intuitive, responsive, and enjoyable
  • Compete against the world for the top score with Game Center integration
  • Great graphics, animations, sounds, and music optimized for the iPad and Retina displays
  • Undo last card flipped
  • Wild Cards
  • iOS 9 compatibility

How to play

You can clear a card from the level if it is higher or lower than the face up card at the bottom of the screen in the pile. If you cannot match any cards simply click the deck to deal another card. You can go “around the horn” and match a King to an Ace and vice versa. If you deal all of your cards and cannot match the game will be over. Wild Cards can match anything and help you out of difficult situations.


1. Old-school pyramid
2. Pretzel
3. Snakey stuff
4. Riding the lines
5. Square dance
6. Pyramid in Australia
7. X marks the spot
8. Piled on
9. Fair and square
10. Triangle down
11. Lazy 8
12. Tale of two cities
13. Smiling away
14. Out of synch
15. Messed up
16. Tri Peaks reflected
17. Diamond
18. Tilted 3D
19. Pieces of Pi
20. All zipped up
21. Tea time
22. Jaggies
23. Always + forever
24. 3D box
25. Tri Peaks
26. Nearly impossible
27. Old-style stack
28. Big stack
29. Fun run
30. Little snake
31. Victory formation
32. Stacked against you
33. Boxed in
34. Over and under
35. Crazy piles
(and more!)